Moving Meditation: Yoga Dance Sequence

Each having its unique elements of expression, they are both means to explore freedom, a free flowing series of movements that serve as a mode of self-discovery. Before we move forward, I must confess something to you, my beloved readers. I will share ways to morph yoga and dance in hopes of stepping outside of [Read more…]

5 Art Installations to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is art: The art of breath, movement, stillness, and transcendence. Get adventurous and take your yoga practice somewhere outside the studio. There are outdoor installations, art pieces, and street art peppered across the country just waiting for yogis to come and share their energy and practice. If there’s not an epic art installation in [Read more…]

5 Ways to Improve Your Posture as a Yogi

I’ve been cultivating the habit of good posture since I started practicing yoga 10 years ago. It’s no easy fix, I’ll tell you that right now. Our culture requires us to stay in positions that do not support good posture for long periods of time. I can tell you from personal experience that I can [Read more…]

Choose the Right Yoga Mat Bag for You

You probably have your favorite yoga mat, your most adorable yoga attire, a refillable water bottle, and maybe even a mat towel. But do you have a yoga mat bag? Every yoga mat deserves a happy home. Whether you travel with your mat and yoga accessories, leave them in your car, or at your favorite [Read more…]

15 Easy Ways to Make New Friends at Yoga Class (For Real)

I feel confident in the fact that everyone loves creating new friendships. What better place to meet new people than your favorite yoga class? Each and every one of you are in class to become better people from the inside out. You all love yoga and it’s no coincidence that you’re all in the same [Read more…]

Monday Morning Mantra: I Love Myself

I love myself. Short and sweet, right? Nope! It’s a whole lot harder than it sounds. Those three short words have incredible depth and could take a lifetime to truly understand. This mantra and this idea are not just words, they’re a way of life. Love is the essence of life. It’s what makes the [Read more…]

Monday Morning Mantra: I Choose Yes

Take a moment to think about the difference between hearing someone tell you “yes.” Now think of when someone says “no.” Which one feels better? I presume that you agree that yes feels better than no. That’s why I encourage you to make the decision to become a “yes person.” When given the opportunity to [Read more…]

New Moon Yoga Sequence to Reconnect With Your Practice

The new moon is the first phase of mother moon’s cycle. This divine occurrence happens every month when the Luminaries—sun and the moon—are in alignment. To the human eye it seems as though the moon is completely enveloped by the night sky and disappears for a brief period of time. Although it may seem as [Read more…]

Behind the Natural “Yoga Buzz” You Feel After Practice

In the seven years I’ve been studying and practicing yoga, I’ve developed a deep understanding of my physical and emotional body. Yoga has become more than just a practice. It’s a way of life. It’s guided me through the healing of broken hearts, taught me how to love my body, and has been a delightful [Read more…]