Volunteering at The Integrity Academy

The Integrity Academy is —on a mission to “co-create an educational environment that nurtures the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development of our students with active participation from their families.” Located in the heart of Austin, TX the Integrity Academy is located adjacent to Zilker within the hidden gem, Casa De Luz. I volunteered [Read more…]

Day 7 of 30 : Austin Yoga Tree

DAY  7  OF  30  Name of Studio: Austin Yoga Tree Style of Class: Restorative Instructor: Jill White This was one of the studios that I had to really plan to get to. Of course, I chose 5pm rush hour traffic to travel from South Austin to the Northside of the city for a 6pm class. Happy to report that [Read more…]

Day 3 of 30 : Bfree

DAY  3  OF  30  Name of Studio: Bfree  Style of Class: Bflow @ 10:00am Instructor: Shelby Autrey I just spent the last 90 minutes of my life sweating out more impurities than I knew I had. I was surrounded by puddles of my own sweat, my clothes were soaked and I felt like I was shedding layers of myself onto [Read more…]

Day 2 of 30 : Yoga Yoga

DAY  2  OF  30  Name of Studio: Yoga Yoga Westgate Date: June 12, 2015 Style of Class: Chair Yoga @ 1:30pm Instructor: Everitt My mom has had knee problems as long as I can remember. She’s finally decided to undergo knee surgery. Next week I’ll be taking care of her as she heals from a total knee replacement [Read more…]

DAY 6 OF 30 : Modo Yoga

DAY  6  OF  30  Name of Studio: Modo Yoga Style of Class: Modo Flow Instructor: Lena Coleman I have to start with the coolest part of visiting this studio which was Lena playing the guitar and singing to us while we were in Savasana. SO AMAZING! The class itself was killer; 60 minutes of sweaty vinyasa style [Read more…]

Day 12 of 30 : Black Lagoon Gallery

DAY  12  OF  30  Name of Studio: Black Lagoon Gallery Date: June 22, 2015 Style of Class: Private Lesson // Forrest Yoga Instructor: Caroline Art gallery + yoga studio = Dream come true What an incredible space to do yoga!! Due to being the only student in class, I got lucky and received a private lesson from Caroline, [Read more…]

DAY 4 OF 30 : Core Power Yoga

DAY  4  OF  30  Name of Studio: Core Power Yoga Austin Style of Class: Heated Power Instructor: Joel Homme The best natural light in a studio that I’ve been to thus far. Joel taught a powerful flow sequence which made me sweat like a melting snowman. He had this calming demeanor and special connection with all the regular students. We were reminded [Read more…]

DAY 5 OF 30 : Black Swan Yoga

DAY  5  OF  30  Name of Studio: Black Swan Yoga Style of Class: Heated Flow Instructor: JJ   Third sweaty class in a row….sooo sweaty….must drink more waterrrrr.  I’m loving every minute of this 30 day adventure, even when it’s mentally and physically exhausting!! JJ has contagious positive and uplifting energy which is refreshing after a long [Read more…]

DAY 1 OF 30 : Eastside Yoga

  DAY  1  OF  30  Name of Studio: Eastside Yoga Style of Class: Hatha Flow @ 4:30pm Instructor: Denise Deniger    Love, love, love this studio! There’s an abundance of natural light, live plants, and an all encompassing sense of joy and openness within the space. I was encouraged by Steven, the co-owner of ESY to take [Read more…]

Ignite the Fire Within: Channeling the Third Chakra

There is a fire that exists inside each and every one of us. Whether you choose to ignite this fire and let it fuel your passions and your purpose is completely up to you. I encourage you to choose to burn bright. This week we are discussing the third chakra, where our inner fire, power, [Read more…]