Monday Morning Mantra: I Love Myself

I love myself.

Short and sweet, right? Nope! It’s a whole lot harder than it sounds. Those three short words have incredible depth and could take a lifetime to truly understand. This mantra and this idea are not just words, they’re a way of life.

Love is the essence of life. It’s what makes the world go around, and it all starts with loving ourselves. Recently embarking upon a new year has provided us all with a chance for new beginnings, big changes, and a transformation from the inside out. May 2016 be our year of self-love; lots and lots and lots of it.

Dedicate this year to falling in love with yourself. Write yourself love notes, look in the mirror and feel beautiful, treat yourself as you would treat your lover, and let your soul shine bright. You are special. You are beautiful. You are talented. And most of all, you are worth loving.

It doesn’t happen overnight, and like all great things in life, it won’t be easy. But, I promise you this; it will be worth it. Learning to love yourself is the most precious gift we can give ourselves.

Tell yourself. Right now. It’s OK, you can do it. Three little words.

“I love myself.”