Monday Morning Mantra: I Choose Yes

Take a moment to think about the difference between hearing someone tell you “yes.” Now think of when someone says “no.” Which one feels better?

I presume that you agree that yes feels better than no. That’s why I encourage you to make the decision to become a “yes person.” When given the opportunity to say yes, smile real big and say YES. Try it for an hour, refuse the urge to say “no,” “maybe,” or even “I’m not sure.” Then try for a half day. Work your way up to an entire day of saying only “yes.” One little word can have such a magnitude of impact on your day and ultimately, your life. Become the kind of person that chooses to say yes.

If your boss asks you to pick up some extra shifts but your already exhausted, say yes. When your kids ask you if they can have dessert after dinner, yes. Your girlfriend asks you go visit her family and you had plans for some guy time, yes. When you look in the mirror and you ask yourself if you look beautiful today, yes. A friend asks you to dog sit for a week and you’re really busy and don’t want to, yes.

Choose to say yes and observe the bountiful opportunities that present themselves in return. The universe rewards “yes people.”

It’s that easy. Just say yes. You’ll open yourself up to a whole new world—a world where you hold yourself more accountable, you find yourself on new adventures, and create a more positive mindset and attitude. Discover the magic of yes.