All About Auras: What You Need to Know

Let your inner light shine bright. Allow your energy to emanate out wide and free.

Our various levels of energy radiate outside of our inner wilderness and even far out beyond the physical vessel. Each energetic pulse gives off a different frequency which correlates to a specific vibration. These vibrations are dependent on how we feel and think. These vibrations expand out and can be felt and even seen by others. This energy field that exudes around us is called our ‘aura’.

Although scientific studies have been done and there is not factual evidence that the human ‘aura’ can be seen or photographed, many people around the world believe that they are incredibly evident. It is believed they can be seen by the naked eye and read by professionals with special methods of photography.

Read below for more in-depth information about the human aura. I leave the controversial decision if they exist or not, up to you.

What is an aura?
An aura is the atmosphere that surrounds each of us. It’s the electromagnetic field emitted by all things. All things in the Universe are made of energy particles (protons, neutrons, electrons, and other small particles) each creating different vibrations, which are emitted from the physical body. These vibrations can be seen as different shades of colors around the entire body, expanding up to 4–5 feet from the body. Think of an aura as a cloud of colored light and energy surrounding you at all times.

How do you see an aura?
There are individuals that claim they can see one’s aura with their naked eye. This has yet to have been proven, but as we all know, there are some incredibly gifted people in the world. I’ve been to metaphysical stores and festivals and paid to have my aura photographed using Kirlian photography. A technique developed in the 1970s, Kirlian photography uses a high voltage current and the subject putting their hands on a metal plate. A photograph is taken and when developed, the subject’s aura is revealed.

What do they mean?
Auras are related to our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual state. They visually represent how we feel, think, and the situations we’re currently dealing with in life. Each color represents unique qualities and are read differently depending on who you’re working with. There is often lots of colors with white orbs, which are said to be guardian angels.

Does your aura change?
One’s aura will change over time as we move with the ebb and flow of life. As our energy shifts, our electromagnetic field also shifts and we emit various vibrations of energy. These shifts of energy correspond to a shift in color in one’s aura.

Where do we go to get our aura read?
Good ol’ Google will help you find where you can have your aura read. Many metaphysical stores, psychic studios, and gems/mineral stores will offer this service. I often see offerings of aura readings at metaphysical fairs and conventions.
v Whether you believe in each living creature having a changing aura or not, know that we give off energy every moment of life. We can beam happiness, love, and wonder or we can equally excrete sadness, stress, and angst as we move on the path of life. It’s your choice what energy you send out to the rest of the Universe. Choose the positive route, always.

Be adventurous. Believe in what your heart tells you. If the idea of having your aura read excites you, go do it. Life is about discovery—expand your consciousness.