5 Art Installations to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is art: The art of breath, movement, stillness, and transcendence. Get adventurous and take your yoga practice somewhere outside the studio.

There are outdoor installations, art pieces, and street art peppered across the country just waiting for yogis to come and share their energy and practice. If there’s not an epic art installation in your city, go play in nature!

Art is everywhere. It’s everything. Art is seen, felt, and experienced. Yoga is the same. It’s everywhere and everything, seen, felt, and experienced. So why not combine the two? The beauty of art is meant to be shared—as is yoga. So visit these breathtaking works of art and strike a pose. Whether you’re leading a community class or down dogging it solo you’re sure to be inspired by your surroundings.

5 Art Installations to Inspire Your Yoga Practice
HOPE Outdoor Gallery – Austin, TX (pictured above) In the heart of downtown Austin there’s a progressively changing array of artwork on walls with a third-story view of downtown—perfect for your yoga practice. The non-profit HOPE Campaign manages the space, and invites muralists, graffiti artists, and community groups to create large scale artwork with positive and educational messaging. It’s one of the largest outdoor galleries in the U.S.

Burning Man – Rock Desert, NV
If you have ever experienced “The Burn,” you know it to be nearly indescribable. It’s a week-long adventure in the middle of the desert in Nevada. There’s a magic about it. There’s infinite love and acceptance, and some of the most breathtaking art installations in the world. The vision of the Burning Man organization is to “bring experiences to people in grand, awe-inspiring and joyful ways that lift the human spirit, address social problems, and inspire a sense of culture, community and personal engagement.”

Fata Morgana – New York City

One of my favorite trips of all time was a few years back when I went to NYC to work on an independent film. The art scene is unreal throughout the city; it’s alive and thriving. A new art installation that is not to be missed is the Fata Morgana by artist Teresita Fernández. She constructed an astounding 500-foot-long sculpture that hangs above Madison Square Park. The design is made of mirror-polished discs reflecting the pathways as you walk through the park. The project will be up until January of 2016, so go on an adventure to the Big Apple and spread some yogi vibes!

Art Basel – Miami Beach, FL
Each December, Miami Beach transforms into an art mecca during Art Basel, one of the world’s more prestigious art festivals. A stunning 267 galleries from around the world show work in the exhibition hall while simultaneously the streets become alive with artwork from the sidewalks to the tops of buildings. The modern and contemporary art fairs by Art Basel have been going strong since 1970 and are annually staged in Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami Beach.

Grace Cathedral’s Labyrinths – San Francisco The beauty inside—and outside—this cathedral make it an art landmark in our book. After all, what cooler place to practice yoga than a labyrinth? San Francisco is home to the Grace Cathedral, which features both an indoor and outdoor labyrinth. A labyrinth is similar to a maze that you walk through. It’s used to meditate or pray as you wander its many paths. It’s a personal yogi dream of mine to go and practice here in the Cathedral. And in fact, hundreds of people do gather here to practice every week with yoga set to live music on Tuesdays, led by yoga teacher and author Darren Main. View art, enrich your practice, and be inspired!