15 Easy Ways to Make New Friends at Yoga Class (For Real)

I feel confident in the fact that everyone loves creating new friendships. What better place to meet new people than your favorite yoga class?

Each and every one of you are in class to become better people from the inside out. You all love yoga and it’s no coincidence that you’re all in the same space at the same time. Yoga friends are the best kind of friends, and we can always use more real pals in life, right? Here are some ways to step out of your comfort zone and make new friends.

How to Make Yoga Friends

1. Introduce yourself to your teacher when you sign in. Share your excitement for the class. They will appreciate the kind words and it will help boost their confidence while teaching. Yoga teachers can be your friend, too!

2. Start a conversation with your neighbor in class. It’s as simple as saying hello!

3. Give compliments.

4. When your teacher opens up class with a question or asks for requests, offer one up. It’s likely that someone else is thinking the same thing.

5. When class is over, create a dialogue while gathering your things and always thank your instructor.

6. Give high fives and hugs. I promise no one will mind.

7. Hang out after class. Don’t feel like you’re being rushed out of the studio. You create collective energy during your asana practice and make special unspoken connections with the other people in the class. Don’t feel nervous about deepening the connection when class is over.

8. Smile.

9. Ask a fellow student if they want to grab a cup of tea or a bite after class. Every yogi loves to talk about yoga!

10. Be fearless. Step out of your comfort zone and know that everyone in the world wants more genuine friends in life. Open yourself up to limitless possibilities and don’t be shy.

11. Offer to put someone else’s props away for them. Random acts of kindness are always appreciated.

12. Get to class a few minutes early. This will allow you more time to meet other students.

13. Don’t hide in the back of the studio. Be brave. Set up at the front of class and encourage the people around you to come front and center. Create a community within the class.

14. Love more. Love yourself more and send love out. You will get it back.

15. Most importantly, believe in yourself. Stand tall and go make friends. Be friendly and approachable. Be courageous and say hello! It’s as easy as that.